Anti-Plastic Colouring Seed Pencils (10 pc)

  • Colouring Seed Pencils (10 pc)




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Embrace eco-friendly creativity with the Anti-Plastic Colouring Seed Pencils (10 pc) from Eco Corporate Gift. This set of vibrant colouring pencils not only adds life to your artwork but also carries a powerful message against plastic waste. Crafted with sustainability in mind, each pencil is made from plantable material, embedding seeds within the wood.

The Anti-Plastic Colouring Seed Pencils offer a unique artistic experience while promoting a conscious effort to reduce plastic pollution. As you bring your ideas to life on paper, you’re also sowing the seeds for a greener tomorrow. Ideal for artists of all ages, this set encourages a connection between creativity and environmental responsibility.

Choose the Anti-Plastic Colouring Seed Pencils (10 pc) for a colorful and impactful way to express your artistic flair. Let your creativity bloom while making a stand against plastic waste.

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