Earthling GIY Kit (Colourpencil)

  • 10 Mini Colouring
  • Seed Pencils
  • 2” Coco Pot & Peat
  • Boxed in a Recycled
  • Paper Tube


SKU: SBBC34-07


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Dive into a world of sustainable creativity with the Earthling GIY Kit (Colourpencil) from Eco Corporate Gift. This Grow It Yourself (GIY) kit brings together art and nature, featuring 10 Mini Colouring Seed Pencils that, when planted, blossom into beautiful plants.

The kit includes a set of 2” Coco Pot & Peat, providing the perfect environment to grow your own green companions from the seeds of the Mini Colouring Seed Pencils. Packaged in a Recycled Paper Tube, this Earthling GIY Kit (Colourpencil) is not just about coloring; it’s a journey of nurturing, growth, and eco-consciousness.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a nature enthusiast, this GIY kit is the perfect blend of creativity and sustainability. Elevate your artistic experience while contributing to a greener planet with the Earthling GIY Kit (Colourpencil).

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