Eco Goodies Bag Pro

  • 5 Seed Pencils
  • 7 Seed Pens (colour ink)
  • 2” Coco Pot & Peat
  • Plantable Calendar
  • Eco Playing Cards
  • Plantable Diary A6 | 160pg
  • Cork Sticky Notes
  • Cork Pen Stand
  • 4 Cork Coaster Set
  • Cork Floating Diya
  • Packed in Big Jute Box




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Elevate your gifting game with our Eco Goodies Bag Pro, a meticulously crafted Cork Gift Set that combines sustainability with style. This thoughtfully curated bag features an array of eco-friendly items, including 5 seed pencils, 7 seed pens with color ink, a 2” coco pot and peat, a plantable calendar, eco-playing cards, a plantable diary (A6, 160 pages), cork sticky notes, cork pen stand, a set of 4 cork coasters, and a cork floating diya.

Embrace the essence of nature with this comprehensive set, ideal for eco-conscious individuals who appreciate the beauty of sustainable living. Packed in a spacious big jute box, the Eco Goodies Bag Pro is not just a gift; it’s a statement of environmental responsibility and thoughtful living.

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