EcoMatic-X Plantable Stationery Jute Bag

  • 5 Premium Seed Pencils (Black Gold)
  • 7 Seed Pens (colour ink)
  • Plantable Notepad: B6 | 40pg
  • Packed in Netted Jute Bag




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Elevate your commitment to sustainability with the EcoMatic-X Plantable Stationery Jute Bag from Eco Corporate Gift. This Mega Jute Bag features a curated collection of eco-friendly stationery essentials. Delight in creativity with 5 premium Seed Pencils in the Black Gold variant and 7 Seed Pens with colorful inks.

The Plantable Notepad, sized B6 with 40 pages, adds a touch of nature to your thoughts. All of these thoughtfully crafted items come packed in a stylish Netted Jute Bag, making it the perfect eco-conscious gift or personal indulgence. Nurture your creativity while nurturing the planet with this unique and sustainable stationery set.

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