Ecovative Grow Kit

  • 1x Plantable Seed Pens|Colour ink(7pcs)
  • 1x Seed Pen + Pencil Combo(2+2)
  • 1x Plantable Calendar(Wooden Easel Stand)
  • 1x 2″ Mini Cocopot + Cocopeat
  • 1x 3″ Cork Sticky Notes
  • Packed in a Recycled Paper Tube


SKU: SBBG35-61


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Unleash your eco-conscious creativity with the Ecovative Grow Kit – a delightful collection of sustainable and plantable stationery essentials. This kit is a celebration of green living, featuring seven Plantable Seed Pens with colour ink, inviting you to infuse your notes with vibrant hues while nurturing seeds of sustainability.


The Seed Pen + Pencil Combo (2+2) offers versatile writing tools crafted from environmentally friendly materials, ensuring your ideas blossom on paper and in the soil. Stay organized and inspired with the Plantable Calendar on a wooden easel stand, an evergreen reminder of the beauty of growth.


Bring a touch of nature to your desk with the 2″ Mini Cocopot and Cocopeat, creating a miniature garden in your workspace. The 3″ Cork Sticky Notes provide a reusable and sustainable alternative for your reminders and messages, adding an earthy charm to your daily tasks.


All these green wonders are thoughtfully packed in a recycled paper tube, a perfect embodiment of our commitment to sustainable gifting. The Ecovative Grow Kit is not just stationery; it’s a statement – a statement of growth, creativity, and a sustainable way of living.

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