Grow Pro

  • 1x Mini Seed Colouring Pencils(10pc)
  • 1x 3″ Cocopot & Cocopeat
  • Packed in a Cotton Bag: 5″x7″


SKU: SBBC01-07


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Unleash your creativity and contribute to a greener planet with Grow Pro from Eco Corporate Gift. This unique eco kit features mini seed colouring pencils (10 pc), each crafted with sustainable materials and embedded with seeds. As you color, you’re planting the seeds for future blooms. The kit also includes a 3″ Cocopot with cocopeat, offering the perfect environment to nurture your colored creations into flourishing plants.

Grow Pro is not just an artistic experience; it’s a journey towards sustainability. The mini seed colouring pencils provide a vibrant and eco-friendly way to express your creativity, while the Cocopot and cocopeat ensure a seamless transition from art to nature. All items are elegantly packed in a cotton bag (5″x7″), making it a convenient and eco-conscious gift for both children and adults.

Embrace the joy of coloring and growing with Grow Pro – a perfect blend of art, nature, and sustainability.

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