Grow Solo Square

  • Seeds in a water-soluble
  • capsule with a cork cap
  • 1x Cocopot & Cocopeat
  • Instructions Manual
  • Organic Fertilizer




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Introducing the Grow Solo Square from Eco Corporate Gift – the perfect Diwali gift for green enthusiasts. This eco-friendly plant kit combines innovation with sustainability, featuring seeds encased in a water-soluble capsule with a cork cap. The package includes a Coco pot and Cocopeat, providing a nurturing environment for your plant to thrive.


Unveil the joy of gardening with this all-in-one kit, complete with an Instructions Manual to guide you through the planting process. The Grow Solo Square is not just a gift; it’s an experience. Watch as your plant grows, nurtured by organic fertilizer for a truly organic and eco-conscious Diwali celebration.


Ideal for both seasoned gardeners and beginners, this Diwali gift set encourages a connection with nature and promotes sustainable living. Give the gift of growth and environmental responsibility with the Grow Solo Square.

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