Mega Grow Kit Plantable Stationery Mix

  • Plantable Pen Pencil Combo (4:4)
  • 10 Mini Colouring Seed Pencils
  • Mini Plantable Notepad: B7 | 40pg
  • 3” Coco Pot & Peat
  • Boxed in Recycled Paper Tube




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Immerse yourself in a world of sustainable creativity with our Mega Grow Kit Plantable Stationery Mix from Eco Corporate Gift’s Eco Kits collection. This exceptional kit is a celebration of eco-friendly living and artistic expression.

The Mega Grow Kit features a Plantable Pen Pencil Combo (4:4) for a delightful writing experience that doesn’t just end on paper. Unleash your inner artist with 10 mini coloring seed pencils that sprout into beautiful plants when planted. The Mini Plantable Notepad (B7 | 40pg) provides the perfect canvas for jotting down thoughts and sketches.

Adding a touch of nature to your workspace, the kit includes a 3” Coco Pot & Peat, ready for you to cultivate and grow. This entire eco-friendly ensemble is elegantly boxed in recycled paper, aligning with our commitment to sustainable and mindful living.

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