• GIY Kit with 2” Pot
  • Cocopeat Disk
  • Fertiliser Mix
  • Seed Capsule
  • Instruction Card




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Introducing the MINI GROW PRO Round, a compact yet powerful GIY Kit from Eco Corporate Gift. This Grow It Yourself (GIY) kit is designed for those who crave the joy of gardening in a limited space. The kit features a charming 2” Pot, providing an ideal environment for your green companions to thrive.

Included in the kit are essential components such as a Cocopeat Disk for maintaining optimal soil conditions, a specially crafted Fertiliser Mix to provide vital nutrients, a Seed Capsule brimming with potential life, and an Instruction Card guiding you through the planting process.

The MINI GROW PRO Round is the perfect solution for urban gardeners, small spaces, or anyone eager to embark on a hassle-free gardening journey. With simplicity and sustainability at its core, this GIY Kit invites you to nurture your own mini green oasis.

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