Plantable Seed Pencil kits

  • 1x Plantable Notepad : 4″x6″ : 126pg
  • 1x Plantable Calender (MDF)
  • 1x Paper Seed Pen-Pencil Combo(4+4)
  • Packed in a Jute Bag(white net):7″x10″


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Elevate your sustainable gifting with our Plantable Seed Pencil Kits – a harmonious blend of eco-consciousness and practicality. Each kit is meticulously crafted to inspire green living while providing functional and meaningful stationery.


Immerse yourself in the eco-friendly experience with a Plantable Notepad (4″x6″, 126pg), offering a canvas for thoughts and ideas. The Plantable Calendar (MDF) adds a touch of nature to your scheduling, making each day a step towards a greener tomorrow. The Paper Seed Pen-Pencil Combo (4+4) ensures smooth writing while embedding the promise of future plant growth.


This environmentally conscious collection is elegantly packed in a Jute Bag (white net, 7″x10″), not just a carrier but a statement of your commitment to sustainable living. Plantable Seed Pencil Kits make for thoughtful gifts, aligning functionality with a green mindset.

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