Pocket Plantable Stationery Box (2+2)

  • 2 Plantable Pens
  • 2 Premium Seed Pencils (Black Gold)
  • Mini Plantable Notepad: B7 | 40pg
  • Packed in Black Pocket-size Box




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Elevate your on-the-go creativity with the Pocket Plantable Stationery Box (2+2) by Eco Corporate Gift. This compact eco kit is designed for convenience and sustainability, featuring 2 Plantable Pens, 2 Premium Seed Pencils (Black Gold), and a Mini Plantable Notepad in B7 size with 40 pages – all neatly packed in a stylish black pocket-size box.

The Plantable Pens and Premium Seed Pencils are not just writing instruments; they are a promise of new life. Each pen and pencil is embedded with seeds, ready to be planted and transform into beautiful plants. The Mini Plantable Notepad adds a touch of green to your notes, making it a perfect companion for your creative endeavors.

The black pocket-size box adds a touch of sophistication to this eco-friendly kit, making it the perfect accessory for professionals, students, or anyone who values sustainable and stylish stationery. The Pocket Plantable Stationery Box (2+2) is not just a set of stationery; it’s a statement of your commitment to a greener and more creative lifestyle.

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