Scribble Mini Plantable Notepad

  • 3″x5″:40p




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Introducing the Scribble Mini Plantable Notepad, a delightful addition to our Eco Kits collection. Measuring 3″x5″ with 40 pages, this pocket-sized notepad is designed for those who love to scribble thoughts and ideas while contributing to a greener planet. Each page is embedded with seeds, transforming your doodles into blooming flowers or herbs.


The Scribble Mini Plantable Notepad is not just a writing companion; it’s a sustainable statement. The compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go note-taking, and the eco-friendly materials align with our commitment to a healthier environment. Crafted for conscious consumers, this notepad is an ideal gift for nature lovers, students, or anyone passionate about eco-conscious living.


Scribble away with a purpose, knowing that each page you use contributes to the growth of plants. Embrace sustainability in style with the Scribble Mini Plantable Notepad, where creativity meets environmental responsibility.

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