Cork Floating Diya

Earthen pots break easil, gets really hot and is non bio-degradable. But cork is durable and heat resistant, also it is light weight and water resistant, allowing it to float in water.




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Illuminate your Diwali celebrations with our innovative Cork Floating Diya from Eco Corporate Gift. Unlike traditional earthen pots that break easily and contribute to non-biodegradable waste, our Cork Diya offers a sustainable and durable alternative. Crafted from cork, it is not only heat-resistant but also lightweight, making it float gracefully on water.


The Cork Floating Diya is not just environmentally conscious but also features soy wax, providing a clean and eco-friendly burn. Embrace the beauty of tradition with a modern twist, as the warm glow of this diya adds a touch of elegance to your festive celebrations. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, this eco-friendly diya reflects our commitment to sustainable Diwali festivities.

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