4 Raw Honey Trial Set with Cork Tray

  • 4 Different Honey Flavours
  • Cork Tray




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Elevate your Diwali celebrations with our exclusive 4 Raw Honey Trial Set with Cork Tray from Eco Corporate Gift. This unique Diwali Gift Set features four exquisite honey flavors carefully curated to delight your senses. From the rich and robust to the delicately sweet, our honey collection is a symphony of flavors that will add a touch of luxury to your festive celebrations.

Each jar is thoughtfully presented on a stylish Cork Tray, creating a visually appealing and eco-friendly display. Immerse yourself in the goodness of nature with our premium honey selection, perfect for gifting or indulging in a festive treat. Embrace the sweetness of Diwali with Eco Corporate Gift’s Raw Honey Trial Set.

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