Eco goodness XL

  • Recycled Folding Box
  • Cork Serving Tray
  • 4 Cork Coasters
  • Calendar (wooden stand)
  • Plantable Diary
  • Plantable Pen Pencil Combo
  • Handrolled Incense Sticks
  • 2 Floating Cork Diyas
  • Handmade Chocolates
  • Eco Friendly Playing Cards
  • Cork Sticky Notes
  • 10”x10”x3”
  • 9” x 9”
  • 100mm : 4mm
  • Learning from nature
  • A5 :192pg
  • 2:2
  • Box of 25
  • 7pc in cork bag




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Introducing Eco goodness XL, a grand Diwali gift set and eco hamper that transcends traditional gifting. Housed in a recycled folding box, this carefully curated collection is a celebration of sustainability and thoughtful living.


Immerse yourself in the eco-friendly pleasures of the Eco goodness XL, featuring a cork serving tray and four cork coasters, perfect for entertaining guests with a touch of nature. The wooden stand calendar invites you to mark the passage of time in harmony with the environment.


Nourish your thoughts with the plantable diary and plantable pen-pencil combo, each page embedded with seeds that bloom into life. Set the ambiance with handrolled incense sticks and illuminate your space with two floating cork Diyas. Indulge your sweet tooth with handmade chocolates and enjoy eco-friendly entertainment with the playing cards.


The Eco goodness XL, with its 10″x10″x3″ dimensions, embodies the ethos of “Learning from Nature.” The A5-sized 192-page notebook, along with four boxes of 25 handrolled incense sticks and a set of 7 pieces in a cork bag, ensures a comprehensive and sustainable Diwali experience.


With a 100mm:4mm dimension and a commitment to sustainability, the Eco goodness XL is more than a gift – it’s a statement about cherishing the environment and embracing the joy of a green Diwali.

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