Employee Welcome Kit Pro

  • 1x Plantable Diary: A5 : 192pg
  • 1x Paper Seed Pen+Pencil Combo(4+4)
  • 1x 3″ Cork Pen Stand – Square
  • 1x 3″ Cork Sticky Notes
  • 1x Mini Grow Pro GIY Kit(Round)
  • 1x Plantable Envelope + Card set
  • 1x Plantable Calendar: 3.5″x5″ : Wooden Stand
  • Packed in a Premium Jute Bag




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Elevate your employee onboarding experience with the Employee Welcome Kit Pro – a premium assortment of sustainable office essentials designed to make every new team member feel valued and embraced. This eco-friendly kit features a plantable diary with 192 pages, offering a canvas for creative thoughts while promoting sustainability. The paper seed pen + pencil combo (4+4) ensures eco-conscious writing, aligning perfectly with the theme of responsible corporate gifting.


Enhance desk organization with the 3″ cork pen stand and cork sticky notes, both stylish and sustainable choices for your workspace. The Mini Grow Pro GIY Kit adds a touch of greenery to the office environment, allowing employees to nurture their own plant effortlessly. The kit also includes a plantable envelope + card set for personal notes and a plantable calendar with a wooden stand (3.5″x5″) to keep track of important dates.


All these premium eco treasures come beautifully packaged in a jute bag, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability and providing a warm welcome to new team members. The Employee Welcome Kit Pro is not just a collection of items; it’s a statement of corporate responsibility and an invitation to a greener work culture.

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