Green Kit

  • 1x Mini Cocopot & Cocopeat
  • 1x Plantable Paper Pen
  • 1x Plantable Notepad: 3″x5″ : 40pg
  • Packed in a Cotton Bag: 5″ x 7″




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Introducing the Green Kit by Eco Corporate Gift, a thoughtful collection that harmonizes sustainability and functionality. This eco-friendly kit features a Mini Cocopot & Cocopeat, providing the perfect starting ground for your green endeavors. Plant your favorite seeds and watch them flourish in this compact and biodegradable pot.

The Green Kit doesn’t stop there; it includes a Plantable Paper Pen, crafted with eco-conscious materials that, when planted, sprouts into vibrant greenery. The 3″x5″ Plantable Notepad, containing 40 pages of seed-infused paper, complements your writing experience while contributing to a greener planet.

All these elements come elegantly packed in a 5″x7″ Cotton Bag, making it easy to carry and reducing single-use packaging. The Green Kit is not just a set of products; it’s an invitation to cultivate a more sustainable lifestyle. Embrace the beauty of nature with every element of this eco-friendly kit.

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