GIY Stationery Kit (5 pen)

  • 5 Seed Pens
  • Mini Plantable Notepad: B7 | 40pg
  • 3” Coco Pot & Peat
  • Boxed in a Recycled
  • Paper Tube


SKU: SBBG10(5)-C


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Elevate your sustainable living with the GIY Stationery Kit (5 pen) by Eco Corporate Gift. This Grow It Yourself (GIY) kit offers an eco-friendly twist to your stationery collection. The kit includes 5 Seed Pens, each embedded with seeds that sprout into green wonders when planted.

Complementing the Seed Pens is the Mini Plantable Notepad in B7 size, featuring 40 pages waiting to capture your thoughts and ideas. The 3” Coco Pot & Peat sets (x3) encourage you to get your hands dirty and nurture your green companions, creating a mini garden right on your desk.

Packaged thoughtfully in a Recycled Paper Tube, this GIY Stationery Kit (5 pen) not only embraces sustainability but also makes for a unique and green gift option. Embrace the joy of growing your stationery and contributing to a greener planet with this eco-conscious kit.

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