Jumbo Plantable Stationery Kit

  • 5 Seed Pencils
  • 10 Mini Colouring Seed Pencils
  • 7 Seed Pens (colour ink)
  • 5 Plantable Pens
  • Mini Plantable Notepad: B7 | 40pg
  • Cork Sticky Notes
  • Boxed in Recycled Paper Tube




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Unleash a world of creativity and sustainability with our Jumbo Plantable Stationery Kit from Eco Corporate Gift’s EcoEssentials For Kids collection. This vibrant kit is a perfect blend of eco-consciousness and artistic expression, designed to inspire the next generation.

Dive into the joy of writing with 5 seed pencils, and add a splash of color with 10 mini coloring seed pencils. The kit features 7 seed pens with colourful ink, offering endless possibilities for young artists. What makes this kit truly special is the inclusion of 5 plantable pens, encouraging not only creativity but also environmental responsibility.

The Mini Plantable Notepad (B7 | 40pg) provides a canvas for thoughts and doodles, while cork sticky notes add a touch of nature to your messages. This entire ensemble is elegantly boxed in a recycled paper tube, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable and mindful living.

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