Plantable Eco Scripter

  • 1 Pencil with a cardholde




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Introducing the Plantable Eco Scripter by Eco Corporate Gift – a unique and sustainable addition to your stationery collection. This innovative set includes a plantable pencil accompanied by a cardholder, offering functionality with an eco-conscious twist.

The pencil is crafted with eco-friendly materials and embedded with seeds, transforming it into a potential garden once its writing life concludes. The cardholder complements the set, providing a stylish and practical way to keep your Plantable Eco Scripter always at hand.

The Plantable Eco Scripter is perfect for individuals who value both creativity and sustainability in their daily routines. Use the pencil for jotting down notes, sketching, or any creative endeavor, and when it’s time to retire, plant it to watch new life bloom.

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