Plantable Paper Pen

  • 100% recycled paper body and cap.




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Elevate your writing experience with the Eco Corporate Gift Plantable Paper Pen. Crafted with a 100% recycled paper body and cap, this pen embodies the perfect fusion of sustainability and functionality. As you jot down your thoughts, you’re not just making notes; you’re planting the seeds of change.

The Plantable Paper Pen goes beyond ordinary stationery. Once your pen reaches the end of its writing journey, plant it in soil, and witness the transformation into a beautiful plant. This unique feature not only reduces waste but also adds a touch of nature to your workspace.

The 100% recycled paper construction reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship, providing you with a guilt-free and eco-friendly writing solution. Embrace sustainable choices with the Plantable Paper Pen and make every word count for a greener tomorrow.

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