Alt-Eco (Colour)

  • Seed Coloured Ink Pen Set (7 pc)




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Elevate your writing experience with the Alt-Eco (Colour) Seed Coloured Ink Pen Set by Eco Corporate Gift. This seven-piece set offers a spectrum of vibrant hues crafted from eco-friendly seed-coloured ink. Each pen not only adds a burst of (colour) to your notes but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

The Alt-Eco (Colour) set is more than just pens; it’s a celebration of eco-conscious creativity. The seed-coloured ink is derived from natural sources, reducing the environmental impact of traditional ink production. Embrace the joy of writing with a set that not only stands out for its (colours) but also makes a positive contribution to the planet.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or a creative enthusiast, the Alt-Eco (Colour) Seed Coloured Ink Pen Set is a statement of your commitment to both style and sustainability. Each stroke leaves a mark on paper and a positive impact on the environment.

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