Alt-Eco (Colour) Plantable Crayons (9 pc)

  • Plantable Crayons (9 pc)




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Explore the world of creativity with Alt-Eco (Colour) Plantable Crayons (9 pc) from Eco Corporate Gift. This vibrant set of eco-friendly crayons adds a burst of color to your artwork while contributing to sustainability. Crafted with environmental consciousness, each crayon is made from plantable material, embedding seeds within the wax.

Alt-Eco (Colour) Plantable Crayons offer a unique artistic experience. Unleash your creativity, and once your masterpiece is complete, plant the crayon stubs to grow a variety of plants. Whether for children or adults, this set encourages a connection between art and nature, fostering creativity while promoting eco-responsibility.

Choose Alt-Eco (Colour) Plantable Crayons (9 pc) to make every stroke not just a masterpiece but a step towards a greener planet. Let your creativity bloom!

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