EcoMatic (4+4)

  • 1x 4+4 Plantable Paper Seed
  • Pen & Pencil Combo
  • 1x Plantable Notepad: 5″x7″ : 40pg
  • Packed in a Jute Bag: 7″x10″




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Introducing EcoMatic (4+4) from Eco Corporate Gift, a sustainable and innovative Eco Kit designed to elevate your writing experience while promoting environmental consciousness. This comprehensive set features a 4+4 plantable paper seed pen and pencil combo, crafted from eco-friendly materials that embed seeds within the writing instruments.

The EcoMatic (4+4) set goes beyond traditional stationery, offering a unique connection between writing and nature. The plantable paper seed pen and pencil combo provide a smooth and eco-conscious writing experience. The kit also includes a plantable notepad (5″x7″, 40 pages), allowing you to jot down thoughts while contributing to reforestation.

Packed in a stylish jute bag (7″x10″), EcoMatic (4+4) is the perfect eco-friendly gift for yourself or others. Make your writing not only a reflection of your thoughts but also a positive step towards a greener planet.

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