Eco Wired Plantable Notepad

  • 5″x7″:72p




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Elevate your note-taking experience with our Eco Wired Plantable Notepad – a harmonious blend of functionality and sustainability. Measuring 5″x7″ with 72 pages, this plantable stationery is a green choice for conscious individuals. Each page is embedded with seeds, allowing you to plant and grow beautiful blooms after use.


Crafted with care, the Eco Wired Plantable Notepad is a testament to eco-friendly living. The cover and pages are made from recycled materials, reflecting our commitment to reducing environmental impact. Whether for personal use, gifts, or corporate giveaways, this notepad makes a positive statement about your dedication to a greener planet.


Embrace the joy of eco-conscious living and make a difference with every page you write. Join us in cultivating a sustainable future with the Eco Wired Plantable Notepad.

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