Growing Ideas Plantable Essentials Box

  • Seed Pen Pencil Combo (2:2)
  • Plantable Notepad: B6 | 40pg
  • Plantable Calendar
  • 2” Coco Pot & Peat (x2 sets)
  • Packed in Recycled Paper
  • Folding Box


SKU: SBBG36-60-2C


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Unleash your creativity with the Growing Ideas Plantable Essentials Box from Eco Corporate Gift. This eco kit is a harmonious blend of sustainable stationery and gardening, featuring a Seed Pen Pencil Combo (2:2) and a Plantable Notepad with B6 size and 40 pages, each embedded with seeds ready to bloom into life.

Elevate your planning with the included Plantable Calendar, a unique and eco-conscious way to organize your days. The box also includes two sets of 2” Coco Pot & Peat, offering a hands-on experience in nurturing your own greenery. All these eco-friendly elements are packaged in a Folding Box made from recycled paper, adding an extra layer of environmental mindfulness.

The Growing Ideas Plantable Essentials Box is not just a stationery set; it’s a journey of creativity and sustainability. Whether you’re jotting down ideas, planning your schedule, or nurturing plants, this eco kit is your companion in fostering a green and productive lifestyle.

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