GIY Stationery Starter Kit (3+3)

  • 3x Plantable Seed Pencils
  • 3x Plantable Paper Pens
  • 1x 2″ MiniCocopot & Cocopeat
  • Packed in a Recycled
  • Paper Tube ( 70mm x 9″)


SKU: SBZC34-13


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Introducing the GIY Stationery Starter Kit (3+3) by Eco Corporate Gift, a perfect blend of sustainability and creativity. This Eco Kit includes 3 Plantable Seed Pencils, each embedded with seeds that sprout into plants, and 3 Plantable Paper Pens that grow into green wonders when planted.

The kit also features a 2″ Mini Cocopot & Cocopeat, providing a nurturing environment for your green companions to flourish. Carefully packed in a Recycled Paper Tube (70mm x 9″), this eco-conscious starter kit is an invitation to embark on a journey of sustainable creativity.

Whether you’re an eco-enthusiast or looking for a unique gift option, the GIY Stationery Starter Kit (3+3) allows you to sow the seeds of creativity while contributing to a greener planet. Unleash your ideas in an environmentally friendly way with this thoughtfully curated Eco Kit.

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