Plantable Paper Pen 1Pc Card Packing

  • 1Pc Card Packing




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Introducing our Eco Corporate Gift Plantable Paper Pen in 1Pc Card Packing, a sustainable choice for your writing essentials. Each pen comes elegantly packaged in eco-friendly card material, making it a perfect gift or personal stationery choice.

Crafted with care, the Plantable Paper Pen is not just a writing tool but a small contribution to a greener planet. The pen is embedded with seeds, allowing you to plant it after use and watch it grow into beautiful plants. The 1Pc Card Packing adds a touch of simplicity and eco-consciousness to the presentation of this unique pen.

Embrace the joy of sustainable writing and gifting with the Plantable Paper Pen in 1Pc Card Packing. Each purchase is a step towards reducing environmental impact and promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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